• FeliciaFanDS4


    July 31, 2011 by FeliciaFanDS4

    Servbot #4053 is reporting in!

    Legends Never Die!!!!

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  • Servbot 283

    Well I do apologize for my ... absence ...

    588 and I were discussing different survivalist methods to safely spelunking and excavating grottoes. I really like 588; but some of his suggestions were a little too unorthodox for me, and relied more on chance than technique. Brutish, is the term for it...? ... I am an observation unit. Yet I've never seen what happens when 20 pounds mentos and 50 gallons of coke come together... He goes on to tell me that his techniques never fail and several other things. How he defeated several dozen of digger's and reaverbots in half a minute... And I wondered to myself, if all of these things he had been saying to me, were true.

    We had already set up plans to hunt for treasure, and scrap parts to use for the …

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  • Wolfscarab

    Hello everyone, 1284 here with my very first Reaverbot report, so appologies if its not very good.

    Todays Subject, the Shoebafun, also known as to diggers... oh, I don't think I can say this word, Miss Tron would get mad... oh well.

    The Shoebafun are rather uniquie, even in the world of the Reaverbots. Where most Reaverbots are hunters or are on set movement paths, or even remain in one spot until they see an intruder of some sort, the Shoebafun are completely immobile. Now, don't be mistaken, Shoebafun are still very dangerous even though they don't move, mainly becuase until they attack, they are completely invisable.

    Unlike most Reaverbots which seem more like strange animals, Shoebafun act more like plants, in particular, the Pokte Fly Tr…

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  • DragoonEnRegalia

    A Day At Klickelan

    December 7, 2010 by DragoonEnRegalia

    So, for those unaware of our massive endeavor to rescue Miss Tron's dear old buddy MegaMan, we're on the lovely island of Klickelan, home to Terra's finest digger city--Teomo, of course. A great mountain, clouds everywhere, sea barrier rocks, and so much more; it was quite a trip to get the island as well, so say the prototypes. Apparently, not long after the first rocket attempt failed, Miss Tron began to mass-produce all of us new Servbots (--not to mention the mysterious Kobun a whole hemisphere over!), and this island was our first sight of the outside world. Well, I can say this: it sure was a beautiful time when I was first assmebled. But that was back when I worked my Servbot butt off all day at the welding station. Those days are l…

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  • Servbot 147

    So the other day, I sat down to enjoy a hot dog during my lunch break. And that got me thinking: if I'm a robot, how do I eat? I later researched human anatomy, and how food passes through their digestive tract and creates energy. After thinking about that, I decided that Miss Tron was so brilliant, that she designed us to burn food to create fuel! Well, that solves that mystery. Then, the next day I had some delicious barbecue, and that led to another question: how can we taste...?

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  • Servbot 283


    Nothing happened.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ......N-nothing I cannot fix!!!!! .................

    I hope that everyone sticks to building the rockets ... *sweatdrops* Maybe going bankrupt at this time was a good thing.. It serves as a nice distraction... ! !

    My brothers have worked so hard on these designs; I can't afford to break even one of these... >.

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  • TronBonne

    Tron's Diary Entry 000001

    December 2, 2010 by TronBonne

    Diary Entry 000001

    Dear Diary,

    That stupid Teasil! You won't believe what he did! I caught him snooping in my old Diary! It was so embarrassing, he's usually nice but every now and then he'll act like an annoying brother! Thankfully he didn't read too far and see some of my... confessions...

    I decided to add really spicy curry to his plate as payback, it was hilarious to see his face turn red as he gulped down the water. But then, I guess I've done some things to cause him trouble. Especially when Mom and Dad were still alive. Anyway I decided to start posting my Diary here, #35 suggested this so that all my new children might get a better understanding of their Mother. So, What do you guys want to know? You can ask your older brothers if you…

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  • Servbot 147

    When Miss Tron first informed us that we had our new Database on this website, I was sure that it would grow into something grand. And now everyday I check in, it becomes more and more active. But I couldn't help but notice something: out of the 1700+ Servbots, only 151 have registered for the database, and only around 13 of those have actually contributed to the new wiki! How can this be? How are so many of our brethren so lazy as to not report in? I feel really sorry for those who don't sign up soon... who knows what horrible things Miss Tron will do to them? I guess I shouldn't worry so much. After all, with the rate new people have been signing up, we'll be on of the biggest wikis on the Web within a few months! Maybe I should stop wor…

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  • Servbot 283


    November 29, 2010 by Servbot 283

    Oh, we have blog data here? Well this will go to my Blogs then.. if it works. Let's see...

    The rocket is ... taking it's sweet time. But my fellow Servbots are on the job.. (Most of the time!) Though I can think of certain few that need to get back to work. Still. It's not easy, I know. And I understand their feelings ... But a certain Miss Bonne will not. Because she's clearly more determined than any of us to get this done. For the sake of the Blue Guy who sacrificed himself to ..... Um .... *blink blink* Wait, why are we helping him? It's not in my memory files ... Well whatever it was, I know he must have done something! So we gotta get Blue Guy back!
    ... Also, I enjoyed a raspberry crepe today. Mmmmm, raspberry crepe... e///e
    Oh yes, th…
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