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? Easter Egg Layer Runner-up in the Easter Egg Contest
? Easter Egg Gold Medalist Winner of the Easter Egg Contest

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Users with MVP badge:

  1. score[1]
  2. Tron Bonne[2]
  3. General Specific
  4. R. Case[3]
  5. LegendaryQ
  6. QuietlyThinking[4]

Users with the Townspeople Planner badge:

  1. Stephen
  2. Alex
  3. Austin
  4. Megamanmegafan
  5. Dashe
  6. Protodude
  7. Cleveland Rock
  8. liquidcross
  9. Mimi
  10. David
  11. Nightshade
  12. Kyle
  13. Antnumbra
  14. MegaMac
  15. Ryan
  16. Orbulon
  17. jgonzo
  18. QuietlyThinking