> I'll keep it short and sweet as the actually details are written in the images!!!



[My Bonna Mecha] - Is a Octopus like robot that acts like a samurai!!! It's hat for example is actually a massive drill. It has a robotic eye-patch that lits up before an attack and carries dual katanas.

[The Mission] - The Octo-Samurai's primary attack is with his dual katanas as it will slash the player with them. It's secondary attack involve its massive drill on his head as it will charge the player with it!!! The Mecha will also spin with it's katanas only when megaman tries to destroy its water container (vulnarable spot)!!!

There will be servbots outside the Mecha trying to control the hose that sucks up the water in order for the mecha to operate!!! Shooting the hose or throwing something to block the water flow will make the Mecha stop!!! while its at a halt the player needs to shoot the water container in order to destroy the Pcto-Samurai!!!

[Other] - There will be servbots trying to control the water hose!!! there will be moments in the battle where the servbots will loose the hose and will be confused and run around the stage!!!