(Last Meeting)

Well kids, It's time to get to work, we got a lot of good suggestions at the last meeting! So I thought about and decided we'll start off with two missions.

Those are...

Mission 01: The Raid on the Mega Man Legends Station

Mission 02: Lex's Old Gamble

Don't worry, I plan to use all the ideas we brainstormed before, but we can't afford to spread ourselves too thin.

Let's get into Mission Details then...

Mission 01

Megaman Legends Station is a good target, they must have plenty of money and stuff to steal. We are going to infultrate the place and steal as much as possible, thanks to #47 we shouldn't have any problem getting into the place.

Now what you need to do is make sure you register at then join the The Raid on the Mega Man Legends Station topic, It will be a goofy light RP topic where we'll play out the events of this idea. And since your there, make sure to post around, MMLS is a pretty cool place, even if they'll be a bit poorer soon.

Mission 02

Some Bird Bots still run Lex's old operations, the one in question is the "Lex Love Hotel", and indecent place where people gamble and do perverted things behind closed doors, It attracts rich patrons, so we'll bust in and hold the place up.

I'll need a team to do this, join up in the comments, Once we get a team together I'll write a goofy little story showing what happened, if you want to give me suggestions on how this should turn out, post them in the comments as well.