Alright, It's been long time coming, but we are back on track with this mission. (I'm so sorry btw).

Anyway, This is what was once the "Garden of Eden." It was a beautiful home for people who lived with nature and the ruins. That was until that fat pig Loath stole it and made it a "Lex Love Hotel" for the rich to do all sorts of very wrong things... Well it is up to us to give everyone there a piece of the Bonnes!


"I will lead some Servbots and hit them high! We'll drop in from Draches and go down."

"Then I'll take #94 and ram the front doors, We'll hit the lobby and head up."


"Right, Bon will cause trouble outside, steal, and stop any backup they may send... By the way Tron, What are we taking along for the ride?"

"Glad you asked! Me and you will be using Gustaffs, Mine will be Original Paint, Yours will be Green. Bon will use his normal suit with a cannon."

"Hah hah, I'm itching to fight, what kind of intel do we have on their forces?"

Known Foes

Naturally that pig had a ton of Birdbots running it, but Servbot 32 reported that Glyde has been seen there recently running the place. He may be well armed and using it as a base of operations. We need to be careful when hitting the vault, he may be ready for us.

"I hope I run into him first! That jerk is going to get some payback!"

"You bet Teisel! We just need to finish the plans and we'll be ready, I have the list of Servbots who are joining us on the mission. We have twelve, which means three each. Two of which will be Snipers for our suits. I need you guys to help me pick the assignments, now remember, what job you guys take will be effected by your stats and such, so if we get a Sniper with bad stats, we'll do poorly. Help us pick well kay? Once we have this set up, The Mission Starts!"


Assignment # Personality Skill Stats Description Location
Bon 2193 Nutty Weird Gadgets and Machines Attack:3/4
He loves coming up with new tools and robots. He's very fond of his form-altering ray, the first gadget he ever made. Armory, since the lab is way too full.
Teisel (In Leopoldo) 94 Silent Leopoldo Pilot Attack:2/4
The go to servbot when it comes to the Leopoldo. Working on his Leopoldo.
Bon 2159 Curious Persistence Attack:2/4
Doesn't excel in any one thing but will do what is needed to make any mission successful. Bridge
Tron 1427 Taciturn (Tacit for short) Knows how not to be seen... or heard. Attack:2/4
Soft-spoken but serious, rarely talks but is easily understood. Invented the Light Refracting Device (L.R.D.) - that looks similar to

Tron's insignia - on his chest. Inspired by her desire to "disappear"

after the Saul Kada Ruins incident. Unable to install on anything

bigger due to power limits.

Spying on the Caskets so they can't one-up Miss Tron. Knows Data's way of getting Trigger back... But Tron wants to Beat Roll on

her own.

Tiesel 1391 Brave Fighting and Armor Dev Attack: 4
Speed: 2
Brains: 3
Sloth: 1
Often spends time searching for anomaly within the Tron ship and correcting it. Can be found developing a variety of armors in the Laboratory.
Bon 2210 Combat Veteran Attack:4/4
A Russian-like squad leader of the servbots,He will stop at nothing to lead the servbots to eventutal victory. His loyalty ties

into his love for his country, and he is prepared to kill for Russia

and The Tronne Bonne Empire!!!

At war.
Tiesel (Sniper) 2005 Focused Jujitsu, Parkour Attack:2/2
Tends to either get so focused on jobs he notices little else, or decides to forget the job and focus instead on training. Meditating on a mountainside in the rain.
Tron (Sniper) 125 Capricious Oratory Attack:2
Often finds himself with new interests at random. Is a jack-of -many-trades amongst his peers. Can abbreiviate everything and

anything. Can't decide on his loyalties.

Currently making coffee for other Servbots in the cafe, while at the same time posting this and thinking of new ideas for Bonne

family tech--he hasn't gotten any in yet.

Teisel 47 Dramatic Karaoke Attack:1
Spends her time shamelessly following Teisel around and wondering what to sing about next. Takes pride in her fashion


Teisel's Room
Tron 2147 Adventurous Treasure hunting, games, stealing, relaxing Attack:2/4
A mischevious treasure loving servbot. When not hunting for riches, he can usually be found playing Uncharted or watching


Dev Room
Bon 147 Nerdy Video
Spends his time drawing, lounging and dreaming big. When he does work, he does his best. Lounge
Tron 616 Dorky Lightsaber Attack:2
Collects figurines of Tron; loves video games. Charged with washing Tron's clothes after botching a digout.
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