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I've decided to end this project, I've tried forcing myself many times to keep working on it. But well, My passion for the series has really dried up, and even if MML3 were to be restarted, I don't think I'd get involved in it. If it ever makes it, I'll play it. But this is where I end any real work for it, I'll always treasure the people I met and the things we did. If you need me, contact me at the Legends Station (I'm Whitewindow there, Tron Bonne is a mod there and we aren't one in the same lol), I'll pop in and out of there on ocassion.


The Mega Man Legends Friends

Thanks to everyone who helped with this Wiki, The Legends Station is a great place, and please join it if you haven't already.

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the former users of the Megaman Legends 3 -Project-

Legends Station, The best western MML Fansite

ever, great info, cool people, you better check it