User: Servbot #001124


[My Bonne Mecha] (Describe what kind of Bonne Mecha it is, how it attacks, etc.)

Its a hover thank =) Its got alot of fire power and rockets. Servbots stand on the plate form and fire the machine guns or throw bombs down. from inside servbots fire rockets thats around the cockpit. to protect any one from entering.the engine is on the bottom and are protected by thick shields. the face on the shield opens to fire big rockets,

[The Mission] (Describe how the Bonne Mecha can be beat, and the conditions for winning or losing, etc.)

try and take out as many of the guns as u can. on the shield the face that opens to shoot the big rockets when that opens you shoot inside and stop the engine u can place land mines for it to run over and that would be its big weakness and once the engine stopped working it falls to the floor it wont turn then its easy to get under it and shoot out the rest of the engine and blow it up

[Other] (Miscellaneous comments, opinions, suggestions)

still working on it i will upload more pics and give more detail if u guys like this one please comment