Update #000003: The Missions Begin

We need some Zenny, Check out Part Two of the Meeting Room to see how you can get involved in these new Missions, and of course I'm working on several ideas, Hopefully now that the feastivals are over we can get down to work again!


Update #000002: Time to get serious!

You guys have been doing a wonderful job, in such a short time this new place has grown a lot, but we still need Zenny if were going to save Megaman, check out the Meeting Room, I'll change it every update or so depending on our needs. The Bonne Mecha section has been created so everyone will be able to help record all the wonderful submissons so that if we need to build one to kick reaverbot butt we can always do so! The database has grown but it's far from finished, hopefully more people in the devroom will take notice and join thier brothers in this quest.


Update #000001: Welcome to the new location.

I'm very happy that I have so many new kids, I couldn't fit you all so I decided to build this new place for you guys, I'll be able to get you more easily recorded and this will allow you to expand on your Servbot ideas and have a bit more fun, The current main objective is the Servbot Database and you will still be added to that by posting in the Devroom forum and it'll still host links to the Database, but you guys will be able to have specific Servbot files which you can use to go into greater detail about yourself and how you are helping me save Megaman! So think of the new things you can do here as something extra that is totally optional. But other uses will be recording all the Bonne Mecha Submissions once the event is over to ensure none is lost to time, allowing you to have pictures of your Servbot in it's own page, and various other fun activities. Some rules, I'll keep the Database myself just so there are no accidents, you are free to edit and even make pages if you'd like, but don't remove things unless you talk to me or the person who added them. I'd like to keep this community based since that is what the Devroom is about, but it's up to you guys as well! Also, Try signing up as your Servbot (Keeping this in character might be fun).