The Seeteufel was created by a team of humans from the Mega Man Legends Station Forums, many of whom bear a remarkable resemblance to some of the custom Servbots.

In an attempt to take over the Mega Man Legends Station , the administrator of the boards accidentally permanently IP banned the Seeteufel and bartered it off to Tron so she would cease the hostile takeover immediately.

While it can battle on land, it's most at home in the water thanks to the flotation device underneath the mech. The Seeteufel can be defeated more easily when opposing forces shoot inside the hatch.

Its attacks include electric zappers on the ends of half of its tentacles, homing missiles, machine guns, bombs, and a pressurized hydro cannon. Its remaining tentacles can dispatch Servbots in small skimmers.

Full design credits include Raijin, Dashe, InClover, MltMlt22, General Specific, Rockxas, Rockman Striker, Blues, Trege, Buster Cannon, Pitch, and HiroVoid.