Servbot 125
General Servbot
"Lint--that's very little!"











Often finds himself with new interests at random. Is a jack-of-many-trades amongst his peers. Can abbreiviate everything and anything. Can't decide on his loyalties.


Currently making coffee for other Servbots in the cafe, while at the same time posting this and thinking of new ideas for Bonne family tech--he hasn't gotten any in yet.

Having recently been impressed by the new KTOX cartoon Hippopotamus in the Big Kattelox,Teisel demanded to his good sister Tron that she make a Servbot like the main antagonist of the show, a man named General Specific. Unfortunately, after an initial success with a replication of the character's commanding personality and even the infamous hat, Servbot 125 finally went berserk one day while on the job, helping to supervise his task force in welding together plates upon Miss Tron's newest experimental rocket. He then proceeded to nearly destroy one of his fellow Servbots, ruin a series of plates, and attempt to steal Miss Tron's blueprints--it didn't turn out well for him, as he soon found himself in the middle of the Torture Room. That was a lovely night.

And after all of that punishment, the General had now become the capricious Servbot of the family. Of course, I wouldn't consider myself, being the great #125, to be that--oh hey, I think that lovely thing over there is particularly shiny. I MUST HAVE IT!--just kidding, I do a better job of self-restraint these days. So yes, I do the average Servbot gambol around the camp: making myself and company some caffeine, attending raids on Loath's dwindling financial empire, and trying my darnedest to act servile around Miss Tron. She is rather nice to me, even after the infamy I've developed over the weeks, and she gives me scraps of apricot pie--it's all nice in the end.

Most of my day involves being molasses and suddenly lubricant: Miss Tron often gets other Servbots to do her bidding, while Miss Roll usually needs a group to help her with engineering and mechanics. I handle the recreational side of things--to start, I do a lot of the music playing on the speakers out in the field, and some of it even in the Gesselschaft. Actually, though, my music seems to be the one thing that Miss Tron is grateful for. Aside from that, I'm always making some caffeinated oil for the rest of the Servbots, which I don't mind, and the hat is real nice when I get the rare reward of a joy walk.

I wish to lead the Servbot Marching Band as drum major, but we haven't had much of a use for a marching band yet--I mean, we don't really have the supplies and firepower to take Gold City or even Kattelox, and Manda and Yosyonke are pretty much laughable when it comes to getting our attention. But you know, I already have one part of my uniform--the hat!


  • Caffeinated lubricant (the freshest energy drink for any Servbot!)
  • Jazz
  • Women
  • Philosophy


  • Girly Men (it's all funny until you have to actually deal with them)
  • Chores and Labor
  • Ignorance
  • Pop
  • Zero (kill it with fire!)