Servbot #001391
MKIII Servbot finished copy
I love challenges, so bring them on!





Melee and Armor Development


Attack: 4/4

Speed: 2/4

Brains: 3/4

Sloth: 1/4


With it's "Crimson Armor", Servbot 1391 can withstand almost any attack. Specializes in closehand combat and can use a wide variety of weapons. Spends it's time either inventing armor and weapons or fixing anomaly in Ms Tron's ships.


Servbot 1391 can be found all over the ship when in a "mission". Otherwise, it can be found in the Laboratory upgrading it's armor and creating new weapons.


Hello there! I am one of the many servbots that Ms Tron created in order to assist with the building a rocket. Apparently, her goal is to save a boy that is blue WAY up in space. I don't know why but Ms Tron always gets red and flustered when she talks about him.....

Battle Mode Enchancement #1: Mask Plate
Initiating Battle Mode!




When confronted by a worthy opponent, Servbot 1391 uses it's Crimson Armor's special ability to enter Battle Mode. This activates the mask plate, which instantly materializes. this mask plate can block incoming blasts of energy, reduce the damage absorbed by the head, and can even lessen the chance of going blind when looking into the sun! :3 It also reduces knockback damage.

ANYWAY, as one of the later models, I am rarely needed to help out with the rocket myself....I was commanded the important task to protect the rocket and other servbots from reaverbots and other troublemakers! To help with my mission, I created my own Crimson Armor that is super cool looking and protects my torso from all attacks. Because defense is not enough, i also created a few weapons to help me as well! Do not fear Ms Tron! Servbot #001391 is here to protect us all and save the day! :D

Battle Mode Enhancement #2: Guts Gloves

Stone Fists!




The second armor enhancement of servbot 1391's Battle Mode. It can summon large fists that instantly materialize to attack when no weapon is available. These gloves sure pack a punch! This can be used at the same time as the masking plate (as seen above).

What I do for fun? I like defeating reaverbots and using their parts to create weapons and upgrade my armor! Oh, you meant recreational things? Hmm.... Well... I like to watch TV and read comic books! Also, I uhh....sneak into Servbot #00629's top secret video game room to play games sometimes.... BUT DON'T TELL! D:

Thats me! Number 001391 in a nutshell and at your service!


  • Ms Tron!
  • Fighting reaverbots
  • Watching Cartoons, reading comics, and playing videogames :3
  • Action figures! Not dolls, there IS a difference!
  • Refractor Shards
  • The robotic dancing monkey
  • Ms Roll
  • Pizza


  • Getting punished by Ms Tron...
  • Getting punished by anyone else, though it rarely happens...
  • Being near Ms Tron and Ms Roll at the same time...
  • Not having enough money to build a rocket that can save the boy that is blue
  • Having the robotic dancing monkey prepare the meals

Created Weapons:Edit

~^~ Crimson Saber ~^~

-- A reliable blade created from the same material as Servbot 1391's armor. It is both durable and powerful.

~^~ Crimson Energy Saber ~^~

-- An extremely powerful weapon that can cut through objects with ease. Unfortunately, this weapon must be charged prior to use and is quickly drained of energy.

~^~ The "Ice" Sickle ~^~

-- When coming in contact with a foe, this sickle slows down it's agility and mobility. Has "meh" durability and little power.