Servbot 1953

Model Name


Construction Date

December 11, 2010




Artist, programmer, musician, gamer


Attack: 2
Speed: 2
Brains: 4
Sloth: 3


Starts many things, tends to only finish some. Has good intentions and is determined, but tends to slack off.


The entertainment room

Servbot 1953, BlazeFaia, is a bit of an oddball when it comes to work. When first approached by him you would believe he was hard working and dedicated because of his determination. But don't read too much into that as where he's mentally motivated he isn't exactly physically. He'll tend to to put something off and it will overwhelm him later when he's taken too many tasks to complete.

Hobbies Edit


1953 enjoys building things, be it as simplistic as legos or as complex as a computer, he will not turn down an opportunity to build when it comes down to it. His favorites are simulations, particularly video games. Where he can build without the hastle of cleaning up afterwards. A few of his favorite building games are Minecraft, Far Cy 2, Halo Reach, Little Big Planet PSP, Super Mario Bros. X, Super Mario Bros. 63, and Mega Man Powered Up.


He also enjoys programming. Some of the languages 1953 knows are VB, C, C+, HTML, Javascript, CSS, and GML. He personally enjoys VB the most as it was his first language and his gateway into programming as well as having a convenient and easy GUI maker.


On some occasions 1953 also enjoys drawing, although he rarely does these days, he will do so if he's absolutely bored and has nothing else to do. Others around him often ask why his main outlet is in computer repair when his artwork has such great quality and attention to detail. His reply is often "I just like computers more."

Playing kebyoardEdit

He also enjoys playing his keyboard, though of his skills this is his weakest one, while he can memorize a tune and play it back, and can also read musical scores, he has not mastered playing with both his hands and can only do so for 2 1/2 songs. None-the-less he enjoys it all the same.