Servbot 249 (PreacherDude)
“Everything is possible for him who believes.”

-Mark 9:23


Holy, Cocky, Friendly, Creative, Conceited


Singing, Drawing, Video Games, Preaching, Leadership, Music Making


Attack:3/4 Speed:2/4 Brains:4/4 Sloth:2/4


An outgoing leader of the Servbots; this Servbot is sometimes over his head about how cool he is. He can unite a group of Servbots together fairly quick with his convincing and sweet sounding words. His love for music parallels his passion for art. He is also pretty good in battle, but he never knows when to stop and rest; this probably comes from his desire to always impress.


Outside talking to a group of Servbots. He's probably teaching, convincing, or planning something.

-Bonus Information- Favorite Books from the Bible:

Revelation, Daniel, and Isaiah; all books that speak about the "end times." I wonder if they ever said anything about all this commotion going on lately...

Welcome to my Page, PreacherDude's Page!Edit

Hey there, I'm Servbot 249! Some people call me PreacherDude (since I am considered very Holy and Righteous), but I actually prefer you call 249; and that's pronounced two-four-nine. I have many friends and I get along with many people, especially those who sometimes need a word of advice. I like to lead the gang that is currently with me, taking them places and showing them new things! I'm friendly, SOMEWHAT conceited, and very talented actually. I can play piano, sing, draw, design graphics on Tron's computer, play well in video games, and of course; preach! I'm somewhat new compared to other Servbots, but I'm old enough to tell you a few things about me and my pals!


  • The Blue Boy
  • Video Games
  • Adventure
  • Helping out the Bonne Mechas
  • Hugging Tron
  • Cereal
  • The Colors Red and Blue
  • Talking


  • Trashy Music
  • Grammatically Incorrect Sentences
  • Scary Movies
  • Nonsensicalness
  • Sinful People
  • Awkward Moments