Servbot 44




Research Development


Attack : 3/4
Speed : 3
Brains : 4
Sloth : 2


A quiet servbot that looks over previous creations for inspiration. He is generally found moving between Tron's Room and the Lab where he relays this information to other servbots working on weapons and vehicles.


Tron's Room

Hello everyone, I'm Servbot 44!

You can generally find me sitting at a desk in Miss Tron's room because the lab is always so busy and loud. I'm generally looking over blueprints from all the older mechs that she's made to try and defeat the blue man and Miss Roll. If I'm not in Miss Tron's room looking over older creations, then I'm in the lab giving some ideas to the developers that are hard at work for Miss Tron. If you really can't find me in either of those locations, it's probably because I've gone out on my own to recover some scraps (as you all know, we've had a lack of Zenny for some time so I'm trying to save us some work). I've made my way around the world to places we've been so I could gather parts from the destroyed mechs. I've been all over, from Saul Kada all the way to little Kattelox.

If you see me around, stop by and talk to me and I'll see if I can help you!

Recently Miss Tron had a general call for new mech ideas, unfortunately I got confused about what she wanted and wasn't able to finish a single idea. Maybe next time something comes up I'll be able to stick to a single idea and put it in the drop box.


  • Quiet time for research
  • Spending time designing
  • Helping around the Gesellschaft


  • Large, loud groups
  • Being pointed out for doing nothing wrong
  • Cold feet


  • Miss Tron
  • Miss Roll
  • Mister Teisel