Servbot #616
One truth prevails... and the force, they both are pretty cool.






Attack: ●●
Speed: ●●
Brains: ●●●●
Sloth: ○○○○


Collects figurines of Tron; loves video games.


Charged with washing Tron's clothes after botching a digout.

Mission #001

I have been hard at work for Miss Tron for a little while now, and I must say that it is quite an odd experience to one of many, there are so many new Servbots every day, and I heard there was a bug in the machine that built us at the start, and that might be the cause of why so many of us are unlike the original set, but #1 told me it's probably because Tron didn't hand build us that we are so different. That experience must have been wonderful, being close to our mother while being built, being tested. Oh well, I cannot complain since I'd never been built without such a machine.

I have had the joy of watching Star Wars and many Detective Conan episodes since I was created, they are pretty cool. Don't tell Miss Tron though! I usually watch this stuff while I'm waiting for a load of laundry to finish. I've been charged recently with a tallying job and Miss Tron made sure to let me know I'd be punished if I messed up... Very scary.

Speaking of scary, I was recently assigned to a job of collecting Zenny with a few other Servbots... Uhh... #47, #132, and #283... So yeah... The only normal looking one was #132, The other two were... very custom?

So our Mission was to find a way to collect 7,000 Zenny in one afternoon from this town so Tron could afford a part for the rocket. My suggestion was we should start a religion around the Force and collect donations, #132 thought we should work as a tech support for spotters in the area, #47 disappeared right when we got there, heading towards a bathroom, but what would a Servbot want in there? Maybe #47 thought they might drop Zenny in there... And lastly #283 didn't really say much of anything.

So after awhile we settled on just begging people for Zenny with our cuteness. I got about 2000 Zenny, #132 got 1000 Zenny, and #283 got 10,000, Everyone thought he was adorable and wanted to adopt him... He didn't seem to enjoy the hugging that much. But then! The police came and told us we were doing something called solicitation he and wanted to put us in jail! It was scary! Thankfully a nice lady named Dashe talked to the police and got us off the hook... Ya know, Miss Dashe looked awfully familiar.... Afterward we said goodbye to the nice lady and ran into #47 again who said he got lost, what a weirdo.

Miss Tron was very happy and gave us all the extra Zenny left over!