servbot # 618
"alright, lets fight. don't expect me to go easy on you!"






attack: 4 speed:3/4 brains:2/3 sloth 4


even though i am very lazy i am a extremely good swordsman


on the couch

Argh, I don't believe I have to do this. Anyways, I'm Servbot #618, but most people call me raykon. I was created using the mass produce-servbot machine thingy and I was then programed to be the greatest warrior ever. Yeah, even better then #1391. Yet, the programming failed and I became the most lazy servbot ever along with having godly swordsmanship skills. Seriously. Not even Tron can get me off the couch without being scared that I'll slice her to bits. There is only one way to get me off the couch: for someone to challenge me to a batlle. I can never resist a good fight and I never lost one. EVER. I am very headstrong in a fight and I'll continue fighting until I am way too tired to lift a finger. This will be updated regularly so bear with me here. Over and out!


Attack: ●●●●
Speed: ●●●
Brains: ●●
Sloth: ●●●●


  • the couch
  • a challenging fight


  • working
  • weaklings

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