Servbot #676


Mildly Paranoid


Games & Mecha piloting


Speed: ●●●●
Brains: ●●●
Sloth: ●●○○


Does not like it when people sneak up on him, but is always listening to music on headphones, which makes him easier to sneak up on.



Strife Specibus


Fetch Modus

Array of Stacks


Ugh, I'm probably going to make a horrible mess of this and it'll get deleted, but here goes. As you can probably see over on the right there, I'm Servbot 676, yet another of the several thousand mass-production Servbots, which is a bit scary now that I think about it because mass-produced robots are always really weak compared to the prototypes, so I hope #1 to #40 won't be mean to me...

Oh, better get back on topic. I'm of course a big fan of Miss Tron and all her awesome mecha designs, and I've been practising in a bunch of video games honing my skills for when I (hopefully) get promoted to a Drache pilot. I also make up mecha designs in my own time, but Miss Tron hasn't even looked at them yet...

I really look forward to working with you all, Servbots or otherwise!


  • Mecha
  • Videogames
  • Reading
  • Miss Tron
  • Pizza with lots of meat!
  • Snow
  • Sunset


  • Being startled
  • Not having anything to do
  • Megaman destroying Miss Tron's mecha
  • Pizza with vegetables or, ugh, pineapple...
  • Rain
  • Mornings

Frequently Asked QuestionsEdit

Q: How do you keep your sunglasses on with no ears or nose?
A: Sheer willpower. And blu-tack.

Q: What happens when someone does sneak up behind 676?



  • Stylish blue sunglasses
  • Light blue shirt
  • A trollsome black t-shirt
  • Standard issue servbot bazooka

Captchalogued in SylladexEdit

  • Touch-screen phone
  • Original model Nintendo DS
  • Spare parts for a Bonne Leopard type tank
  • Drache Piloting For Dummies, second edition
  • Emergency tea-making supply kit (teabags, sugar, uht milk, mini-kettle, plastic cups, carrying case)
  • NEXUS arm-band
  • Digital watch with buttons too small for a servbot to operate

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