Welcome to the Servbot Database, I hope to have every Servbot recorded, but that seems like a long shot. If you wish to be added to the Database you must post your info in The OFFICIAL Servbot Database (Be sure to read the first page). If you decide to make a detailed page on this site for your Servbot, I can link your Database Entry to it (Under your number).

Portal Room

For everyone's pleasure the Database now has different pages as well as a full list, These new pages will detail specific Series of Servbots, Be it contest winners, Premium Numbers, or split list of the main database. I've named the list based on what they mean, besides the split list, they are named after foods that Servbots eat. Below is a link to all the pages with Databases.

Full List (Contains all the Servbot numbers)

Bonne Mecha Series (Contains Numbers of Event 2 Winners)

Townspeople Series (Contains Numbers of Event 3 Winners)

Reaverbot Series (Contains Numbers of Event 4 Winners)

Small Contest Series (Contains Numbers of Smaller Contest Winners)