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Entry #01 Jan 28 2011

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So hey guys! I've wrote a little before, but now I'm making it a main page thing, Why? Well I do hope that I can help everyone get to know one another a little better, and post my general thoughts, what you should check out, and why I hate Zero!

Marvel Vs Capcom 3 or Why I hate that Zero dude

If you didn't know, I was recently part of a project where I got to be a fighter in a game, I'm no newbie to the fighting stuff, but while we were doing everything for the game, I got the trailer next to Zero. Let me tell you something, He is the most annoying person I have ever had the misfortune of knowing! He was rude and generally not nice! I'll just give you some little stories and see just how mean this guy is!

So on the first day I see him, He is wearing a color swap, Mega Man colors, He thought it'd be funny to walk up to me and go "I hear you'll get naked for anyone in blue, wanna come back to my place and play with my Tron Boner" I slapped him and walked away! How dare he! What rudeness! He was also so cocky, going, "See you in MML3." What!? Who does he think he is? Whatever, I had a Servbot pour spicy curry in his bed to get back at him.

Me and Facebook

(Art by Dashe, Full Size here)

Dashe has written an article about my past Facebook use, "Unfriended" is a story that took place some time ago actually, since then I have tried to get over my Facebook addiction. The first thing I had to do is get Megaman back as a friend, it was horrible, starring at his page, I eventually worked up the courage to re-request friendship, sending a long letter, expressing that I just wanted to be friends, even if I occasionally tried to kill him... He sent me a letter back saying he accidentally removed me! What a relief!

Well, Since then, I've tried to limit the Bonne's Facebook time, It's just not healthy for Pirates! Teisel wasn't thrilled at first, but he's really gotten into this "Angry Birds" game. Weird, But I guess I've been playing a lot of Pacman on my phone lately, so I can't complain.

In closing...

Thanks for reading this little bit, I do hope to have things like interviews, my thoughts on some new purposes for unaccepted Bonne Mecha, thoughts on my day, and links to more Legend goodness. Leave a comment if you wish, I'll try to respond as soon as possible.