• DragoonEnRegalia

    A Day At Klickelan

    December 7, 2010 by DragoonEnRegalia

    So, for those unaware of our massive endeavor to rescue Miss Tron's dear old buddy MegaMan, we're on the lovely island of Klickelan, home to Terra's finest digger city--Teomo, of course. A great mountain, clouds everywhere, sea barrier rocks, and so much more; it was quite a trip to get the island as well, so say the prototypes. Apparently, not long after the first rocket attempt failed, Miss Tron began to mass-produce all of us new Servbots (--not to mention the mysterious Kobun a whole hemisphere over!), and this island was our first sight of the outside world. Well, I can say this: it sure was a beautiful time when I was first assmebled. But that was back when I worked my Servbot butt off all day at the welding station. Those days are l…

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