So, for those unaware of our massive endeavor to rescue Miss Tron's dear old buddy MegaMan, we're on the lovely island of Klickelan, home to Terra's finest digger city--Teomo, of course. A great mountain, clouds everywhere, sea barrier rocks, and so much more; it was quite a trip to get the island as well, so say the prototypes. Apparently, not long after the first rocket attempt failed, Miss Tron began to mass-produce all of us new Servbots (--not to mention the mysterious Kobun a whole hemisphere over!), and this island was our first sight of the outside world. Well, I can say this: it sure was a beautiful time when I was first assmebled. But that was back when I worked my Servbot butt off all day at the welding station. Those days are like a saudade that shall never return.

For example, we recently went out to Teomo for a supplies run. We saw diggers--diggers everywhere; getting supplies, bargaining, begging, boasting, blathering on with plenty of digger terminology. Red roofs were totally my thing, and once I tried to sneak away from the rest of my fellow Servbots to do some unprofessional parkour...yeah, bad idea. They never tell you how slippery it can be up on those shingles, and I really felt it when I landed in an alley on my head. Hey, at least we're resilient!. --Anyways, Miss Tron was miffed that I wasted my time doing that, but she was already done getting groceries and parts from the junk store. As such, we were off to the headquarters once again.

And before I leave, one thing to mention: there has been an awful lot more activity in the Torture Room recently--probably just some messing around in the Meeting Room. I did hear about the messin' around with the Bonne machines, but it doesn't seem like--oh jeez louise, it's happening again! FIRE--FIRE EVERYWHERE! oh the ignominy, whoever did that! Gottttta go guys!

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