• Servbot 283

    Well I do apologize for my ... absence ...

    588 and I were discussing different survivalist methods to safely spelunking and excavating grottoes. I really like 588; but some of his suggestions were a little too unorthodox for me, and relied more on chance than technique. Brutish, is the term for it...? ... I am an observation unit. Yet I've never seen what happens when 20 pounds mentos and 50 gallons of coke come together... He goes on to tell me that his techniques never fail and several other things. How he defeated several dozen of digger's and reaverbots in half a minute... And I wondered to myself, if all of these things he had been saying to me, were true.

    We had already set up plans to hunt for treasure, and scrap parts to use for the …

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  • Servbot 283


    Nothing happened.......!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    ......N-nothing I cannot fix!!!!! .................

    I hope that everyone sticks to building the rockets ... *sweatdrops* Maybe going bankrupt at this time was a good thing.. It serves as a nice distraction... ! !

    My brothers have worked so hard on these designs; I can't afford to break even one of these... >.

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  • Servbot 283


    November 29, 2010 by Servbot 283

    Oh, we have blog data here? Well this will go to my Blogs then.. if it works. Let's see...

    The rocket is ... taking it's sweet time. But my fellow Servbots are on the job.. (Most of the time!) Though I can think of certain few that need to get back to work. Still. It's not easy, I know. And I understand their feelings ... But a certain Miss Bonne will not. Because she's clearly more determined than any of us to get this done. For the sake of the Blue Guy who sacrificed himself to ..... Um .... *blink blink* Wait, why are we helping him? It's not in my memory files ... Well whatever it was, I know he must have done something! So we gotta get Blue Guy back!
    ... Also, I enjoyed a raspberry crepe today. Mmmmm, raspberry crepe... e///e
    Oh yes, th…
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