Oh, we have blog data here? Well this will go to my Blogs then.. if it works. Let's see...

The rocket is ... taking it's sweet time. But my fellow Servbots are on the job.. (Most of the time!) Though I can think of certain few that need to get back to work. Still. It's not easy, I know. And I understand their feelings ... But a certain Miss Bonne will not. Because she's clearly more determined than any of us to get this done. For the sake of the Blue Guy who sacrificed himself to ..... Um .... *blink blink* Wait, why are we helping him? It's not in my memory files ... Well whatever it was, I know he must have done something! So we gotta get Blue Guy back!
... Also, I enjoyed a raspberry crepe today. Mmmmm, raspberry crepe... e///e
Oh yes, therapy lessons told me to say "I am the greatest Servbot manufactured by machine!" ... To boost my self confidence. I suppose the other Servbots should say it also, so that they'll all get a nice confidence boost.
I must find a way to further improve the wikia for my kinsmen .. I need more idea's, it seems.
~ Servbot 283

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