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    Tron's Diary Entry 000001

    December 2, 2010 by TronBonne

    Diary Entry 000001

    Dear Diary,

    That stupid Teasil! You won't believe what he did! I caught him snooping in my old Diary! It was so embarrassing, he's usually nice but every now and then he'll act like an annoying brother! Thankfully he didn't read too far and see some of my... confessions...

    I decided to add really spicy curry to his plate as payback, it was hilarious to see his face turn red as he gulped down the water. But then, I guess I've done some things to cause him trouble. Especially when Mom and Dad were still alive. Anyway I decided to start posting my Diary here, #35 suggested this so that all my new children might get a better understanding of their Mother. So, What do you guys want to know? You can ask your older brothers if you…

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