• Wolfscarab

    Hello everyone, 1284 here with my very first Reaverbot report, so appologies if its not very good.

    Todays Subject, the Shoebafun, also known as to diggers... oh, I don't think I can say this word, Miss Tron would get mad... oh well.

    The Shoebafun are rather uniquie, even in the world of the Reaverbots. Where most Reaverbots are hunters or are on set movement paths, or even remain in one spot until they see an intruder of some sort, the Shoebafun are completely immobile. Now, don't be mistaken, Shoebafun are still very dangerous even though they don't move, mainly becuase until they attack, they are completely invisable.

    Unlike most Reaverbots which seem more like strange animals, Shoebafun act more like plants, in particular, the Pokte Fly Tr…

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