Hello everyone, 1284 here with my very first Reaverbot report, so appologies if its not very good.
Shoebafun Sketch

Shoebafun rough sketch

Todays Subject, the Shoebafun, also known as to diggers... oh, I don't think I can say this word, Miss Tron would get mad... oh well.

The Shoebafun are rather uniquie, even in the world of the Reaverbots. Where most Reaverbots are hunters or are on set movement paths, or even remain in one spot until they see an intruder of some sort, the Shoebafun are completely immobile. Now, don't be mistaken, Shoebafun are still very dangerous even though they don't move, mainly becuase until they attack, they are completely invisable.

Unlike most Reaverbots which seem more like strange animals, Shoebafun act more like plants, in particular, the Pokte Fly Traps. They wait for prey to come to them, remaining completely unseen under the floor of a few different Ruins, only to close up and drain the energy or life energy from anything that steps atop there hiding place, as well as crush them! Though they usualy do not fully drain whoever they grab, only draining and damaging for a moment before vanishing again.

They are the bain of many novice diggers for that very reason, as well as for the fact that they are seemingly indestructable, for the few that have been able to even attack them seemed to have no effect on them before the retracted back into there hiding place.

But not to threat, thankfully, the Shoebafun only appear in select Ruins, and are somewhat able to predict. After talking to some more vetran diggers(in exchange for some information on some other Ruins), they gave some great advice into avoiding the Shoebafun. The trick is, that these particular Reaverbots always are located down the center of halls or in the center of floor tiles it seems, so as long as you stay along the walls, you will be safe from damage. That is not all though, if you are unlucky enough to set off one of these more Traplike Reaverbots, if you have quick enough reflexes, you can jump or roll out of the way before they are able to chomp down on you.

I give the Shoebafun a danger rating of 2 out of 5 (1 being no problem, 5 being scary powerful):
Though they are annoying and can be troublesome to newer diggers, they are rather simple to avoid once you know how. By themselves they are little trouble, and only get a rating of 2 for the times they are accompanied by other Reaverbots.

Now... on a related note... if anyone reading this is near the Saul Kada Ruins, I would be infinantly greatful if they could bring me a crowbar... apparently I am not fast enough to jump out of the way of the Shoebafun and it seems to like my thankfully well built Zakobon disguise and... it won't let go...

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